Our Goals

The staff at Saronic Nephrological Center believes that hospitality is the highest ideal, and in combination with unparalleled care for our guests, concludes in the two most important pillars of how our center functions.

In order to achieve the above commitments, we offer high quality care as part of the following parameters:

  • Complete and certified medical treatment.
  • Individualized intervention-therapy, tailored to each patient’s needs.
  • Decent presence and behavior of staff associated with Saronic Nephrological Center, with relevance to the good mood and positive atmosphere we wish for our patients to have.
  • Continuous improvement of our offers, through seeking the most effective methods of therapy.

We promise that we will make every effort in order to ensure that all patients who choose Aegina as their destination for a short or longer holiday, as visitors or guests, enjoy services of unsurpassed safety and care, similar to that of their home center, thus ensuring their relaxation, calmness, and mental uplift.

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