Private Cruise Holidays

Dear Visitor.

Thanking you in advance for exploring this certain part of our website. Our goal is to describe analytically to visitors the options of having dialysis treatment and private cruise holidays at complex of islands in Saronic Gulf of Greece.

It’s a new project where the visitor chooses his preferable period and appropriate vessel (sailing boat, catamaran or motor yacht) with the necessary crew for his holidays. The enterprises cooperating to achieve the project ”private cruise holidays” in Greece are:

INCREDIBLUE: aims to provide an easy way for travelers to organize better, more affordable holidays. The online platform allows those looking for a boat holiday to talk to owners, compare prices, see photos of the vessels (including sailing boats, catamarans and motor yachts) and complete their booking, so that they can get the best deal with minimal fuss. Smooth sailing is the key. The company has managed to achieve incredible success, with more than 3,000 vessels in popular areas of Europe, a figure which is increasing daily. The company also operates in countries such as USA, Australia and South Africa and is already setting its sights on new destinations.

AEGINA ‘S DIALYSIS CENTRE: On the emerald-like island of Aegina, just fifty minutes from the capital of Athens, in Greece, operates since 2009 a dialysis centre with the objective to offer high Standard therapeutic services for renal patients, as required by modern medical regulations. We follow the standard individualized intervention treatments, using all types of dialysis methods (hemodialysis, hemodiafiltration and On-Line hemodiafiltration), in order to maximize our patients benefit. The necessary infrastructure needed in order to achieve that, is customized to every patients individual needs and consists of: eight (8) B BRAUN dialog+ and five (5) NIKKISO DBB-05 dialysis units, which are placed in a room that measures eighty square feet, the water treatment feed is attained by a double system of reverse osmosis, a separate room for patients with Hepatitis B, and using disposables certified with ISO 9001:2000.

Our dialysis centre accepts visitors from European Union with EHIC card and there is no charge for their dialysis treatments. We also handle their transportation form the port of Aegina to dialysis centre without charge.

The necessary procedure for your vessel and dialysis booking is:

1. Firstly you should choose the period you prefer visiting the islands of Saronic Gulf.
2. Then visit incrediblue’s website and select argosaronic islands. You can see the map with the destinations (Aegina, Epidavros, Poros, Hydra and Spetses), menu with the type of boats you can select (sailing boat, motor boat or catamaran), menu with the duration (7 nights or 14 nights, etc.) and menu with the number of guest cabins.
3. Having selected all the above you create an account on incrediblue’s website so to complete your booking. Whether you have any inquiry, the team of incrediblue will always be willing to help you.

Since you have completed your vessel’s booking obligations it’s time getting in touch with our centre in order to finalize the details for your dialysis sessions.

The documents are required for keeping a dialysis spot at our centre are:

– Photocopy of your EHIC card
– Recent Blood tests, a short medical history, information regarding the parameters of Dialysis session
– Photocopy of your Passport or your I.D.

It would be very helpful for us to know the dates for your treatments at least 2 weeks before your arrival in Greece.

During summer we have 3 shifts on Mon-Wen-Fri and two shifts on Tue-Thu-Sat but our centre’s dialysis treatments schedule is flexible so to satisfy patient’s needs.

In order to help you understanding our philosophy of private cruise and dialysis we quote you a hypothetical holiday’s program:

Supposing your dialysis days are Mon-Wen-Fri you have to be on Saturday in Alimos marina so to board on your boat. This is the beginning of your trip, the first contact with your boat and your skipper.

Your first destination is Aegina Island. The distance from marina of Alimos is 17 NM. You and your friends between the sun and the blue of the sea. Endless hours gazing the infinite blue of the sky will offer you and pleasure and serenity.

You reach again Aegina for your second dialysis. On Thursday afternoon you can depart for Agistri, a small island across Aegina, only 5 NM distance. On Friday you can visit the ancient theatre of Epidavros, 14 NM distances from Agistri. You return on Saturday morning for your last session. Your boat returns, with your skipper, to Alimos marina and you spend another evening in Aegina. On Sunday you take the hydrofoil from Aegina to Piraeus and then to the airport of Athens (by taxi or airport bus X96).

This is only a small sample of the choices you have. Your plan may be enriched with staying in Athens at your beginning or end of your trip or having dialysis session in Athens so to explore the capital of Greece as well.

Another plan could be traveling on small distances by visiting nearby destinations and amazing beaches. The beaches at south side of Aegina (Moni island, Klidi and Klima) are real Aegean masterpieces where you will not get enough of swimming and relaxing.

You can transform or adjust your holiday’s program on your wants. We guarantee you that you will leave from Aegina with a backpack full of memorable moments and unforgettable holiday experiences.

Some useful tips:

– All type of boats incrediblue suggesting for booking has skippers. So it’s not necessary to be familiar with governing a sailing or motor boat.

– Bookings usually start on Saturday of each week

– Most of the vessels have their permanent position at marina of Alimos (Athens).

Νεφρολογικό Κέντρο Σαρωνικού - Αίγινα
Νεφρολογικό Κέντρο Σαρωνικού - Άλιμος - Αίγινα
Νεφρολογικό Κέντρο Σαρωνικού - Μαρίνα Αλίμου

The distances between Aegina and:

1. Agistri island is 5 NM
2. Epidavros is 15 NM

3. Poros island is 17 NM
4. Hydra island is 30 NM

5. Spetses island is 55 NM

Νεφρολογικό Κέντρο Σαρωνικού - Αγκίστρι - Επίδαυρος
Νεφρολογικό Κέντρο Σαρωνικού - Πόρος - Ύδρα
Νεφρολογικό Κέντρο Σαρωνικού - Σπέτσες